Building Baby Stuff. . .

Slightly more complicated than the space shuttle...

No leftover parts!

Tonight I spent the evening putting together baby stuff. . . LIKE A BOSS!  The layette shipment came today. This is a challenge for me, because this is not the kind of stuff where you put it together and just relax if you have leftover parts, creaky hinges, etc.  Tonight, the stroller and crib. Tomorrow, the changing table, if I can find the instructions.

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4 Responses to Building Baby Stuff. . .

  1. Nomads By Nature says:

    How exciting for you both!

  2. Nomads By Nature says:

    OH! One other thing, when it comes to packout for your next post, be sure to take the crib apart yourself and put all the hardware pieces in a ziplock that is clearly labeled with the instructions and any special tools needed (we had a bent piece of metal that was the part to screw in bolts tightly) or chances are when you get to your next post there will be a piece missing or misplaced, That bag can be ‘taped’/tethered to a section of the crib or go in a separate box that would make sense to you for finding later. Possibly for the changing table too! And a pack-n-play worked the best for us for a temp crib that could travel with us on the plane, go in hotels, and help with containment and safety at the new place.

  3. pied says:

    Ziplock bag is a great idea, keeping the instructions is another as is taking a picture of some of the tricky areas.

  4. Thanks for the tips, folks! Having a baby gets far more complicated when you are moving stuff transcendentally.

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